Why Adobe Illustrator Is The Best For Designing?


Lots of software are available for graphic designing but Adobe Illustrator is the mostly used software in graphic industry. The professional graphic designers like to make designs with the help of adobe illustrator. Everyone can make a perfect design as they want.

Adobe illustrator is mainly used by graphic designers and artists. It is used for vector graphic design. You can create a logo, cartoons, greeting cards, charts, graphs, brochures, invitation cards, images for magazines etc.

Available tools in adobe illustrator for designing:

Drawing tools:

Many tools are available for drawing in Adobe Illustrator but in which two tools are widely used-

The “Pen tool” is used for making a drawing. If you would like to make an image. You can adjust their manipulating points and curves. Then you can make a perfect shape for images. The “Bezier tool” is an easy to make a drawing. you can create any image as you want to draw.

Five Text Tools:

a) Type tool: It is used to creates individual type and type container.

b) Area type tool: It is used to create particular area content. Using this tool we can insert text in desired selected area.

c) Path tool: It is used to text move on the path.

d) Vertical type tool: It is used to creates vertical type container.

e) Vertical type area tool: It is used to creates vertical area type container.

f) Vertical type on a path tool: It is used to creates vertical type on a path shape.

Painting Tools:

a) Paintbrush tool: It is used to draw freehand and calligraphic lines and as well as art, pattern, bristle brush stroke.

b) Mesh tool: It is used to create mesh object from vector object.

c) Gradient tool: It is used to create multiple color background.

d) Eyedropper tool: It is used for pick color from color pallets.

e) Live Paint bucket tool: You can stroke each path segment with a different color and fill each enclosed path.

Reshaping: Through of Reshaping tools, Users can make reshape of objects. Such as rotate, width, transform, warp, twirl, crystallize, wrinkle, blend, shape builder tool.

Symbols: The symbol tools is used to create and modify sets of symbol instances. Users can create a symbol from sprayer tool and then other symbolism tools are used for density, transparency, color, size, location.

Graph: Adobe Illustrator has nine graph tools. Users can take different- different types of graphs. Users can choose these graphs as they want to give information.

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illustrator totenkopf
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meine erste illustrator arbeit. einen kleinen schicken totenkopf. 😉 ich mag ihn.

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