What Kinds of Projects Can You Use Adobe Illustrator For?


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Hide Adobe Illustrator is known as a vector graphics editor both developed by and sold by Adobe Systems. Adobe Illustrator is seen as a vector graphics editor that is nearly the same as its competitors—Macromedia Free Hand, Xara Designer Pro and CorelDraw—in terms of functionality, intended market and scope. The newest iteration of Adobe Illustrator is called CS5, which is actually the 15th generation in the product line of this vector graphics editor.

This program is better suited for some programs than other programs, which is not that different from any typical kind of program or software. First off, some people need to realize that the Adobe Illustrator is not what is known as a CAD program, which said people sometimes confuse the aforementioned vector graphics program for. This means that you should not intend to use this program for anything extreme like designing your next house or, even more extreme, preparing a building construction project for the government. The program is a reliable choice for the creation of images, though. As such Adobe Illustrator may well be a good alternative for all those people who are yearning for a way to create interesting images on a program like, say, Adobe Photoshop.

Here are several project ideas that you can effectively use Adobe Illustrator for.

You can use Adobe Illustrator as a means of creating logos for your website.

You can use Adobe Illustrator as a way of presenting different kinds of graphics.

You can even use Adobe Illustrator for the purpose of creating characters for a comic strip, provided that you are into humor and these kinds of drawings.

You can also use Adobe Illustrator in order to alter an image that you have already created with the program.

As you can see, Adobe Illustrator is a versatile kind of program that allows people to do a great deal in terms of the programs that they use this for.

Another thing to keep in mind with regard to this program is how conveniently it has been designed for the people who use it. For instance, it helps out people who are accidentally sloppy when they compose their drawings on this program. Anytime someone draws something on this program, there is the tendency for the person to color outside the lines, so to speak. This means that if a person establishes the lines in a drawing, the program will let them go beyond those lines when they color or put additional touches on their original drawing. However, in the final render, all lines beyond where they should be will be removed.

The Adobe Illustrator is a program that should not be confused as a CAD program; it is a program that is especially created to allow the user to create images of all sorts. The concept of images is taken into broader definitions with this program, as the user is able to create logos and graphics for one’s website, various characters for a comic strip and, of course, manipulate any existing images.

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illustrator experiment
Image by kaioshin
I just discovered a trick to do this in illustrator, i need to get better at it, but i really like the effect.

Illustrator Tutorial: Low Poly Portrait! This is sort of a remake of my Photoshop low poly portrait tutorial, but for Illustrator. I realized that it would be a lot better to do this type of effect in Adobe Illustrator, since it is vector based. I hope you like the tutorial! Leave a comment if you have any questions!

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