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Amy R. Chipping is a book illustrator specializing in visuals for children. Basically, her major disciplines fall under traditional and children illustration.

The artist is located near London, United Kingdom. There, this artist engages in her job as a freelancer for several different kinds of customers.

Amy utilizes copic markers in her work and combines this with detailed pen work. She is greatly passionate about creating illustrations combining the traditional and contemporary techniques.

The Golden Age of Design plays a huge role in uplifting Amy in going after a career found in design. The Golden Age of Illustration would have been a period recognized for unparalleled excellence in publication and magazine art which has never been viewed in the past. It was during this time when a huge need for fresh visual art was first created by the public, and with the help of developments in technological innovation, appropriate and cheap reproduction of fine art was probably made possible.

In the continent of Europe, the Golden Age period was greatly influenced by design-oriented movements of the Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Novuveau, Les Nabis, and by the Pre-Raphaelites. The leading names of artists that surfaced in this era were of Walter Crane, Edmund Dulac, Arthur Rackham, Aubrey Beardsley and Kay Nielsen.

When it comes to the American illustration, the Golden Age was lead by Howard Pyle and continued by his students N.C. Wyeth Maxfield Parrish, Edwin Austin Abbey and Frank Schoonover.

The modifications and advancements within this period where visual design and drawings are concerned significantly impacted upon Amy’s view on the actual art and it reflects on precisely how Amy does her works.

Currently, Amy Chipping actively seeks clients to work with to get added knowledge in her industry, her concepts and further enrich her own expertise in carrying out illustrations. She shares her own designs throughout several websites and is also very much available for communication.

If you are really interested in Amy’s work then check out her childrens illustration work, or you can browse the PNWorldwide site, it also showsases more amazing illustration work.

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Adobe Illustrator CC | 3D Logo Design Tutorial (Claw)

Here is another Illustrator Tutorial for 3D Logo Design from Kdigits using Adobe Illustrator CC. Through this tutorial you’ll learn, how to place same objects with different angle to make an attractive design. This design started with circle shape, then cut it into half moon shape, and gave a 3D look to place a cut section of half moon. I have used 4 copies of the 3d object. Then filled with gradient and added some details like Reflection, Drop Shadow, & Gradient filled background.
As always tutorial has been recorded in a very simple and easy to follow way, hope you’ll like it.

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