Most Frequent and Common Uses of Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator is turning into a very popular program in graphics designing to create brochures, logos, CD labels etc. The popularity of this software is so much that it is going to replace software’s like CorelDraw and other image processing applications. It offers flexibility and high resolution images. Illustrator have great advanced tools in which we can place Photoshop files, modify the Photoshop files and other functionalities. Other features are- user defined drawing scales, dimensions tools, Bar-codes, print merge, virtual segment tool etc. Below are the some most used functionalities by the users:

1. Drawing Icons: Symbols and icons are good to represent something rather than to use a descriptive way. Illustrator have brought a new concept to effectively communicate new ideas through the symbols and icons. In some application often it is difficult to draw curve shapes such as wavy lines etc, Adobe Illustrator have solved this problem with time saving techniques and a unique method to draw such elements in it.

2. Drawing Maps: The line tool and pen tool makes it so natural to draw lines and shapes in Adobe Illustrator. Using these tools may takes time to learn but once have a good command, you can easily work over it to draw and edit any shape.

3. Drawing Info Graphics: Graphics or an image that represents some useful information like some stats and figures are called info graphics. Such graphics can easily be created in Illustrator for newspapers or magazines. You just need to select a template, enter data and desired output is ready to print or publish.

4. Drawing Realistic Object: Drawing realistic graphics is also possible through this new generation software by using gradient tool or mesh tool to give smooth shadings. The final output looks real and natural that attracts and put a magical impression for you client.

5. Drawing Cartoons: In this software draw a cartoon or comic to tell a story with certain character, decide place, situation, draw a background etc. Color swapping is easy if later on there is the need to modify.

6. Logos: Design a killer logo in Illustrator to represent brand identities, company profile and advertising with the feature of easy to export for other purpose. The logo in EPS file format is used for creating sharp logos.

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Chitose Shirasawa
Image by Danny Choo
Here are the blueprints for Chitose in her labcoat – open the image in another tab to see it in full res. Feel free to use these for cosplay, illustration or inspiration.

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