Five Features That You Should Learn About Adobe Illustrator CS6

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Adobe Illustrator CS6 adds a new artist’s edge to your digital photos and artwork. It will allow natural flow to your art and photos. Illustrator comes equipped with an array of new features guaranteed to make your digital art stand out from the rest. After you get finished editing your digital art with Adobe Illustrator, you can join the Adobe Creative Cloud to store and share your photos.

There are five features of Adobe Illustrator that you should learn, so that you can enhance your digital photos and artwork to give them a professional and creative look. Learn about the basic five features and also sign up for Adobe illustrator classes to enhance your knowledge about what it has to offer in the digital artworld.

Adobe Mercury Performance Center

The Adobe Mercury Performance Center is what is behind the new fire of Adobe Illustrator. It gives you the ability to work with precision, speed and stability on the largest most complex files that you have. It offers 64-bit support on both the Mac and Windows operating system. With the new performance center, Adobe Illustrator will feel faster and more responsive.

New Image Trace

Now you can get precise lines, an accurate fitting and reliable results when using the new image trace. You can convert your images simpler and quicker so that you can turn them into new photos. The image trace helps you get your editing session done faster with the best quality available.

Color Panel Enhancements

Color is your new best friend in Adobe Illustrator. Not only will it be easier to find the color that you are looking for, but the spectrum has been broadened too. You will also be able to copy and paste the hex values into other applications too. Transferring your color codes from application to application will be quicker and done seamlessly.

Control Panel Enhancements

There is not a need for spending a extra time searching for the design tools that you need in Adobe Illustrator. The control panel has been fine-tuned, making it more efficient and easier than ever to use. The options have more consistency and there are anchor point controls, clipping masks and envelope distortions.

Inline Editing in Panels and True White Canvas

With inline editing in panels, you can now edit names in layers, art-boards, swatches, brushes and other panels within the panels themselves. There isn’t a need to use intermediate dialogue boxes. As you edit your photo, you can switch your canvas to a pure white, so that you can easily see the colors pop within your digital works of art.


These are just some of the basic but useful features of the Adobe Illustrator CS6. By learning the simple features of the software, you can learn more about the benefits of using Adobe Illustrator. It will enhance your digital art and everyday photos from your collection. Edit photos and create an online scrapbook to share on Adobe’s Creative Cloud, or turn artwork into digital masterpieces. If you would like to learn more about the benefits and features of Adobe Illustrator, you can sign up for Adobe illustrator classes. Check with Adobe to find out if you can sign up for classes online or at a location nearby.

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