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This is the world of competition – it is only your skill that would make you land and showcase your talent as a children’s illustrator. But the way you market yourself would spell the difference whether you would be able to see your works of art as part of the children’s book or they will remain just for your eyes only. If you have what it takes to be a children’s illustrator but are still a little bit frustrated on how come that your talents and skills are not being showcased and being tapped, well, probably, this would be the turning point that you should ask yourself if you have effectively marketed yourself.

Every artist and illustrator would want to see that they are part of putting life to the words and be part of the child’s imagination while on their first steps towards learning. Children’s illustrations will then lighten the learning process for the children. Reality bites that not all illustrator are being given the chance to have that privilege of being immortalized by having their illustrations be part of a book.

In this life, skill and originality would still counts but considering the complexity of the world sometimes the skills and originality are being over shadowed by the people who got what it takes in the way they marketed themselves. As a product, you must have a distinct identity that would separate you from the rest that would make you stand out from other illustrators. Whether you like it, or not, sometimes, people buy things not because they like them but because their attention is being caught by that product. And that is the power of marketing, the power to influence the mind of the people to choose.

Marketing has played a great part of shaping the destiny of a lot of artists, sometimes a work of art sucks but because of proper marketing, that work of art could become a phenomenal hit. That also goes for the illustrator and artist. The focus would still be on your unmistakable ability to create art and illustrations that could capture the imagination of the child, but you should not miss the most indispensable part, and that is to market yourself as an illustrator. The power of marketing cannot be denied nor be underestimated, it is through marketing that can make and unmake an illustrator.

If you have the passion to create life to the imagination of the child and have the quest to become a children’s illustrator, then you must be able to sell yourself. Selling yourself can only be done through the effective way of marketing. There are various books in the market right now that could guide you on how you can effectively market yourself as an illustrator, some books contain contacts of agents that would be able to cater to your needs and help you out in marketing yourself. You could also have the contacts of publishers to whom you want to submit your illustrations, these books in the market would definitely help you out on how to get yourself establishing right contacts and effective way of marketing yourself.

My name is Dima Krasovski and I am an illustrator. My work suitable for children’s market ( books for kids, covers, fantasy, apps, Ebooks, games and drawing ideas). I create digital illustrations, check my portfolio to see a few examples. If you have written a story and looking for someone to bring it to life with bright and appealing illustrations contact me, I am fast, affordable and easy to work with.

Image by Nate Castro

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